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  • The Pros and Cons of Proposing During Engagement Season

    The holidays are approaching and jewelry ads seemingly make up every other commercial on TV. That can only mean one thing: engagement season is upon us. Although the tradition must have started somewhere, it feels like the holidays have always been filled with proposals. Whether you’re gearing up to pop the question yourself or you […]

  • How to Host a Winter Wedding with a Holiday or Christmas Theme

    Follow these tips to create a winter wonderland for a cozy holiday celebration. Written by: Isabelle von Boch The holiday season is such a magical time of year. It’s the time when people slow down and become introspective, look back on their year in reflection and appreciation, and look ahead with new excitement. Everyone is in […]

  • DIY or Buy: Day-Of Emergency Kit

    There are certain wedding day essentials no bride (or bridesmaid) should be without. by The Knot photo by GISEL FLOREZ While we hope you don’t have any emergencies on your day, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. It’s important to have those just-in-case items to make sure your dream wedding goes off without a […]

  • 13 Unique Wedding Cake Toppers You Haven’t Thought Of Before

    For better or for worse—with a heavy emphasis on better—traditional wedding cake toppers in the form of tiny human replicas have long seen their heyday. In fact, wedding toppers of any kind are now an endangered species, with more and more couples opting for simple floral adornments or, at most, an organic flourish of fruits […]

  • The Etiquette Rules Your Guests Are Breaking

    Written by Kim Forrest • Photo: B. Jones Photography Your wedding is going to be a blur—you should be focused on having an amazing time and hope your guests are doing the same (and be glad if they’re following wedding guest etiquette, too!). However, in the days and weeks following your wedding, you’ll probably wonder—what the heck really happened at my […]

  • My First Disney Yacht Wedding

    Recently I did my first wedding at the Disney Yacht Club. I do a lot of Disney Fairytale Weddings but not at that particular location. Five years ago I used to work there, carrying bags, checking in guests, concierge service, etc. When I worked there I did so that I might be able to support […]

  • Hiring A Friend To Photograph Your Wedding?

    Oh please hire a real photographer;   your friend just won’t do.  If I’ve heard this once I’ve heard it a thousand times.  Why would you trust the photos of your most cherished moments to an amateur?   I had to field a call from a great personal friend of mine, who let a friend of her […]